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With the advancement in technology, we are seeing some really amazing innovations. Phones have evolved from being just communication devices to smartphones, and even televisions have gone through some amazing changes.

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The way content is shared has also improved dramatically. Earlier we had streaming devices that could be used with any TV. Technological advancements gave birth to Smart and Android TVs. The “idiot box” was no longer really dumb anymore.

An Android TV is basically a scaled-up version of Chromecast, a Google content streaming device but with a lot more bells and whistles added on to the operating system. In 2015, Google decided to go beyond Chromecast, it’s streaming device and launched Android TV.

Built around the Android operating system, Android TV is a smart device that lets users stream content to the television via apps – free and paid. However, streaming requires an active internet connection.

A point that needs to be kept in mind is that an Android TV is purely software-based and is heavily integrated into specific hardware devices. This means that it cannot be downloaded on any device for immediate consumption.

Are Smart TV and Android TV the Same?

Well, let me put it this way. All Android TVs are Smart TVs, but not all Smart TVs are Android TVs.

Smart TV is a device that has all the functionalities of a traditional TV and more. This television comes with its own OS and is able to connect to the internet and access a variety of online services.

An Android TV, on the other hand, refers to a television that runs on the Android OS and can be used with all compatible devices in the Android ecosystem. Works exactly like an oversized mobile screen minus the fact that you cannot answer voice calls.

Apps on Android TV
Like I already mentioned earlier, Android TV is not everyone, but for those who love their favourite cord-cutting streaming services, get ready to buy the best Android TV you can get your hands on. With almost all popular streaming services available on the Android TV Play store, you can easily access services such as Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu, Disney, CNN Go, TED and more.

What More Can Be Done on It?
Unlike a smart TV which comes with limited options, and Android TV gives you a lot more flexibility, thanks to its open-source operating system. You can watch live game shows on Watch ESPN, cheer for your favourite basketball team on NBA, tweet on real-time using the remote via the Twitter app and also access popular games such as Asphalt series, Minecraft, GTA and more and play them on your Android TV. The gaming experience does make a difference on a large screen!

With the built-in Chromecast, casting your favourite photos, videos, music and other multimedia content straight to your TV from your mobile has never been this easy. The Android TV also comes with the useful bonus of Google Assistant, a handy tool that allows you to ask questions, pull up content, check the news, and control your connected smart home devices – all using voice commands.

With a range of options and customizations, Android TV offers a lot more than any of the conventional streaming systems. The device comes with far more power than most of the users will want or need. However, with the future being more open-sourced and content sharing based, Android TV is the way ahead and the device that can take you there.

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