Because of any technical difficulties in our service or miscommunication with our sellers or delivery supports, a customer might not get what was ordered. We take the liability of delivering any damaged or wrong products to our customers. Our customer-friendly Return and Replacement policy help any of our customers to get what is ordered and paid for. To make our stands transparent in the matter of buyers not having the right type of products, we present Origin Electronics Pvt. Ltd.’s policy of return and replacement.

What can be Returned

Our customers can demand a replacement for these situations.

  • The item is incorrect.
  • The product doesn’t work or look as described and showed on our website.
  • The package doesn’t have the necessary and committed accessories with the ordered item.
  • The package contains an old or damaged product.

Replacement Criteria

It is one of our responsibilities to change the faulty product with the correct one when we deliver the wrong products to our customers. But in our return policy, we accept the claim of replacement if customers return damaged products maintaining the criteria we have set. Our company takes no responsibility when a buyer fails to follow the criteria for going under the replacement policy.

  • The product should not be used (exception: trial or testing).
  • The customer can’t change the condition of the product or replace accessories with the product.
  • Anything that comes free or as a gift with the order is not for replacement.
  • Products with replacement warranties are not under our policy coverage. Buyers are suggested to contact manufacturers or company customer cares.
  • The returned product should have stickers, tags, and labels without any damage.
  • Customers have to return products with their original packaging and boxing with Origin Electronics Pvt. Ltd. invoice and documents.
  • The returned package should contain components of the incorrect item that was sent along with the item when we had sent it.

How to Inform Us

  • After getting the product, mail us describing your complaint about the product with the product’s latest photo clicked by you. Also, attach the invoice number and other documents if you can.
  • The mail with the necessary proof should be sent within 24 hours after getting the delivery.
  • Meanwhile, you should call us at our official number if don’t reply to your mail. Our Customer support member will tell you the address where you have to send the faulty item.
  • You can return the product by yourself if the product’s seller shop is nearby. Or, you need to go for the courier service.
  • We will return the cost you have carried to return the product when your claim is proven to be legit.
  • The returned product needs to reach our office or our seller shop within seven days after the delivery date.
  • After having the product, we take your claim in our consideration and check the product. If your claim is true, we send the replacement within seven workdays after the date of receiving the returned item.
  • In some cases, the replacement of a faulty item becomes impossible to send within the committed time period. We, then, offer you refunding to accept. But you can reject the offer and wait longer for us to handover the new and correct item.
  • If any user tries to reach us after the time we have set for returning the incorrect product, we refer them to the manufacturer, only when the product has a manufacturer warranty or guaranty.
  • The refunding becomes your only option when there is no chance of getting any replacement.
You are eligible for this policy if you find any problem or damage to the product delivered to you.
  •        Please check the delivered product during the delivery team’s presence.
  •        If you are dissatisfied with the product delivered to you, notify our delivery team about it.
  •        Then you may return the purchased products to exchange them.

 Return and Refund:

You are eligible for this policy if we do not have the product in stock to exchange.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the product delivered to you, do notify our delivery team to exchange the product.
  • But if we do not have the product available in our stock, we will refund you within 7 working days.

Return and New Purchase:

If you have a change of mind and want to buy another product instead of the product you have ordered.

  • Origins will not refund or exchange the product in this case.